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Of Love dolls and Lubes

This is a question that has been coming up time and time again of what lubricant to use during some good old fashioned quality time with your very own love doll. Of course with the wide range and variety on the market, it is expected for one to be confused and most often than not people tend to use whatever is available at hand because – well it’s handy.

But have you considered the possibility that you might be causing more harm to yourself and the doll with the behavior of being callous and uninformed?

Moisturizers and lotions are great for the skin and that to maintain your doll but a word to wise; they don’t work well as lubricants. Sure, they can come to great ease and use when you are pleasuring yourself, but don’t even for once think that this can work great for the doll. The slightest of errors can reinforce the possibility of damage which could prove to very expensive and chances are that it could also be unrepairable.

The second mistake that most often than not is made is the use of Vaseline and oil based lubricants which could possibly be the worst. This is due to the fact that both are oil and petroleum based products which are quite resistant to water and therefore be very difficult to wash no matter how much soap, detergent and lather you may gather. If left untreated and unwashed, this oil based products stick and often accumulates dirt and bacteria which could cause harm not only to the doll but the user as well.

Since most doll owners are bachelors, the rinsing and cleaning process is often dependent on the practice and most of them learn over time through trial and error. Simply remember that these unhygienic practices can spread germs and diseased unto the most vulnerable parts of the body and can encourage diseases and infections which can be quite embarrassing. Simply imagine, what would say to the doctor when you are at the ER?

The safest way to enjoy your time with your real sex doll is to use a water based lubricant. Not only does it avoid unnecessary friction, make the experience pleasurable, but are quite easy to rinse and wash after use.

Also consider using a latex condom to make sure that the rise and wash is easier on you.

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